yay I’m doing a giveaway! I’ve been wanting to do one for awhile now and I’m finally getting around to it. THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOT AFFILIATED WITH TUMBLR.

    total cost of giveaway: $370.90


    • must be following vodkaclifford 
    • reblog this, likes don’t count
    • you can like for bookmarking purposes only
    • all of the clothing items will be ordered/made once i pick a winner and know what sizes they would like.


    • White IDIOT! shirt inspired by Michael Clifford’s (made by me)
    • 5 Seconds of Summer logo crewneck (made by me)
    • 5 Seconds of Summer band picture crewneck (made by me)
    • 5SOS member jersey (can be any boy/person of your choosing) (made by me)
    • Amnesia EP (ordered) 
    • SLSP EP (ordered) 
    • Don’t Stop EP (ordered) 
    • 5SOS album Target edition (ordered)
    • 5SOS white scribble photo shirt (from official 5SOS store) 
    • 5SOS black album cover shirt (from official 5SOS store) 
    • 5SOS black C.A.L.M. hand shirt (from official 5SOS store) 
    • 5SOS white derping stamp shirt (from official 5SOS store)
    • Your choice of phone case (either “but ur not ______ floral case or last name & number case) 
    • 5SOS silhouette tote bag (from official 5SOS store) (ordered)
    • 5SOS pom beanie (from official 5SOS store) (ordered) 
    • 3 white silicone 5SOS bracelets with black writing (ordered) 
    • 1 black silicone One Direction bracelet with white writing (from official 1D store) (ordered) 
    • One Direction iPhone/Samsung Galaxy case (available for all models)
    • White “Cool Kids Don’t Dance” shirt
    • Your choice of 2 colored One Direction name bracelets
    • Grey All Time Low crewneck
    • Black Arctic Monkeys shirt
    • The 1975 white & black baseball tee
    • Dark grey Green Day’s American Idiot shirt

    Increase Your Chances:

    • reblog this more than once (1 reblog = 1 entry) 
    • follow my instagram (5 entries) (message me your user if you do)
    • follow my twitter (5 entries) (message me your user if you do)
    • make a post and tag it with #vodkacliffordgiveaway telling me why you want to win this (this doesn’t give extra entries but it gives you a better chance bc i see who wants it and why :-)
    • write me an imagine, blurb, make me an au meme/manip, etc. with me & michael (10-15 entries depending on length, etc.) (this is the key 2 my heart tbh)
    • dm my twitter to any of the boys/the band account (my twitter is above but if you want me to message you it let me know) (MUST BE ABLE TO PROVIDE A SCREENSHOT FOR PROOF SO I KNOW ITS VALID) (20 entries)


    • Choosing the winner December 1st
    • Messaging the winner letting them know they’ve won on December 2nd
    • Good luck!
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    "would you fuck 5sos"


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    If you know someone with a t a l e n t and a d r e a m, support them just the way you would want to be supported.

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    life is so hard when you have twenty tv shows to watch

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